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John Dirnberger CDC collection

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Dirnberger, John

8.75 linear feet in 7 record cartons


The John Dirnberger CDC collection ranges in date from 1965 to 1988 and consists of Control Data Corporation (CDC) technical reports, memos, manuals, and design documents, as well as a small amount of materials published by other companies. Most of the CDC material is related to the development of the Cyber 180, which began in 1973 first as the Integrated Product Line (IPL) and later as the Cyber 80. The material traces the development of both the IPL (and later the Cyber 80 and 180) supercomputer and the Software Writer's Language (SWL), a programming language created for the Cyber 180 project. This portion of the collection includes documents from the project library of the NCR/CDC Advanced Systems Laboratory during the mid 1970s as well as documents from the Canadian Development Division of CDC. Types of materials include manuals, promotional materials, and data sheets, as well as internal technical reports, memos, design objective documents, and software language specifications. Other areas of note in this portion of the collection include publications by the CDC Technology Education Program for internal courses, documentation pertaining to the CDC 6600 and Cyber 910 computer systems, and CDC employee newsletters, such as Contact, Datum, Info, Current, Vantage, Realtime, and Systems & Services World. The remainder of the collection is made up of various other printed materials. These include reference materials, many of which came from the CDC Library, such as technical reports, programming language guides, and industry reports. There are also a small amount of periodicals, conference proceedings, and manuals published by other companies.


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Control Data Corporation; Cyber 180; National Cash Register Company (NCR)

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John Dirnberger collection


Gift of Al Kossow

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