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Kenneth Einstein papers

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The Kenneth Einstein papers, ranging in date from 1975 to 2001, contain materials related to Einstein’s career at Ansa Software and Borland International, as well as records from his consulting work, conference materials, technical reports, books, periodicals, and software. The collection can be divided into four parts: professional files, conference materials, mixed reference materials, and software.

The first quarter of the collection consists of professional work files from companies such as Ansa Software, Borland Interactive, Upshot Corporation, and Diffusion, Inc. These files range in date from 1984 to 1999 and include initial product concepts, product planning documents and timelines, internal company materials, presentation materials, marketing materials, newspaper and magazine clippings, and both internal and published product documentation. Topics of note include the development and release of the Paradox desktop database program, Borland general product line planning, and Borland Paradox for Windows planning. Also of note are design and testing documents related to Borland Interactive’s 1800 Project, which was done in collaboration with MCI with the aim of using MCI’s Friends & Family marketing platform to create an email client. There are also folders with marketing materials from various other companies, such as IBM, Apple, and NeXT.

The second quarter of the collection consists of materials from industry conferences, partner meetings, and trade shows. Examples of events represented in this portion of the collection include the Software Publishers Association Conference, Network Systems Forum, Platforms for Communication Forum, and Borland Database Conference. There are also materials from numerous other conferences focused on databases and multimedia as well as documents from partner meetings, such as an IDAPI (Integrated Database Application Programming Interface) meeting in 1992.

The third quarter of the collection consists of mixed printed materials, such as reference books, technical reports, published research papers, market forecasts, printouts of online discussion threads, and periodicals. Most of the periodicals are from the 1990s and are related to Multimedia. Some of the titles represented include Multimedia World, The Red Herring, NewMedia, Desktop Video World, CD-ROM World, and PC World. There is also a small amount of manuals and standards.

The final fourth of the collection is made up of packaged software and loose disks. Software formats include 5 ¼ inch floppy disks, 3 ½ inch floppy disks, and CDs. The software includes programs such as Studio PCTV, Net-TV 98, and Upshot Sales, as well as multiple versions of Paradox. Additionally, there are early programs for Macs, such as Hypercard 10, MS Word 1.0 for Mac, MacWrite/MacPaint, and MacType. The Kenneth Einstein papers also hold the only extant digital copy of a prototype version of MCI Friends & Family Mail.


1975-2001; bulk 1984-1999


Einstein, Kenneth


8.25 linear feet in 6 record cartons and 1 periodical box


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Ansa Software; Borland; MCI Communications Corporation; MCI Mail

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Kenneth Einstein papers


Gift of Kenneth Einstein

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