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Relax the stress reduction system

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The object is a box with two slide switches, one is labeled "RANGE", and the other is labeled "FINE TUNE." One end of the box has a mini-stereo jack that connects to an adjustable cloth headband (separate record). On the bottom is a battery compartment for four AA batteries. From one end emerges a cable which terminates in a female DB9 connector which is connected to a set of three cables. One of the three is terminated in a male DB25 connector labeled "IBM PC". The second terminates in a small female 8-pin connector labeled "PC JR". The third terminates in a 16-pin male connector labeled "Apple."

Place Manufactured

Hong Kong


overall: 1 1/2 in x 10 in x 13 in




Charles C. Wehrenberg -- Founder of Solo Zone Publishing for basic "WillBall" concepts, competitive-relaxation game logic, system integration, design, and financing. Brian C. Burke, hired to program the "WillBall" games for Apple II Basic to specifications. Peter Gutkin, hired to construct the "WillBall" table exterior console to specifications. Paul J. Wehrenberg PhD, hired to construct the interior logic circuit controller for the "WillBall" Table to specifications.

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