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Jerome Svigals collection on smart cards

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The Jerome Svigals collection on smart cards ranges in date from 1954 to 2006, with the bulk published between 1985 and 2006. The collection contains text, still images, and moving images related to smart cards and related areas, such as magnetic stripe and RFID technologies.

The bulk of the collection is made up of published materials, including conference proceedings, technical reports, industry white papers and studies, specifications, clippings, and periodicals. Examples of conferences represented in the collection include CardTech/SecureTech, Smart Card Forum, RSA Conference, and Center for Business Intelligence conference on stored value cards. There are also a number of periodicals from the 2000s, such as Card Technology, Cards & Payments, Smart Card Technology International, and the Nilson Report, as well as some issues of the Journal of Retail Banking from the mid 1980s. This portion of the collection also holds reports and papers related to card technologies, standards, and specifications published by companies such as Apple, Gemplus Technologies, Siemans, MagTek, Visa, VeriFone, THORN Secure Science International, and Schlumberger. Also included are industry reports and forecasts from the 1990s on areas such as the application of smart cards to retail payments and health care. Finally, there are a small amount of materials related to magnetic stripes from the 1970s and 80s, as well as reports and promotional materials related to RFID technologies.

A smaller portion of the collection holds books, presentations, and articles written by Jerome Svigals, most of which pertain to smart cards. In addition to the books that he authored, Svigals published “Smart Cards and Comments” and “Electronic Banking Opportunities” during the 1980s and 1990s. This section of the collection also holds photocopies of articles that he wrote for publications like the American Banker and The Bankers Magazine, as well as reports on smart cards under the business name Jerome Svigals, Inc. There are also transparencies and slides from presentations on the smart card industry and applications.

The collection holds a small amount of material on the IBM 360, including a 1961 report from the IBM SPREAD committee, which resulted in the development of the System/360 product family. Finally, there are some still images and moving images related to the use of the magnetic stripe and smart cards globally in banking and travel.


1954-2007; bulk 1985-2007


Svigals, Jerome


6.46 linear feet in 5 record cartons and 1 half manuscript box


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IBM 360 (Computer); International Business Machines Corporation; smart cards; Smart card industry; Svigals, Jerome

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Jerome Svigals collection on smart cards


Gift of Jerome Svigals

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