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These folders contain materials related to the Hawaii State Division of Library Services, for which Bourne served as a consultant between 1975 to 1978, the Regional Information Network for Science and Technology in Southeast Asia Bourne set up for UNESCO, a study done for the U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science titled, "Preliminary Investigation of Present and Potential Library and Information Service Needs," a project testing a new research tool and measure of document delivery support to UC campus users titled, "SDI Citation Checking as a Measure of the Performance of LIbrary Document Delivery Systems," teaching assignments undertaking by Bourne while in Indonesia for UNESCO, Bourne's contributing work to UNESCO's "UNISIST Handbook for Scienteific and Technical Information and Documentation Services," a paper written for the Institute for Library Research (IRL) titled, "An Improved Title Word Search Key for Large Catalog Files," a 1974 workshop on computer-based information services held in San Diego, a 1974 keynote speech given at a chapter of Academic and Research Librarians (CARL) conference held at Stanford, a paper written during Bourne's work as a consultant for UNESCO titled, "Planning for a National Research Information Center in Tanzania," various studies ("overlap studies") concerned with reduced spending costs resulting from shared monograph resources such as union catalogs and interlibrary loans, and an ILR annual report for 1974.


Technical Paper or Note; Correspondence; Technical Report; Financial Records; Memoranda; Legal document; Pamphlet; Book

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Charles Bourne papers

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Personal projects files


Gift of Charles P. Bourne

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