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These folders contain materials related to an unpublished paper titled, "Overlapping Coverage and Other Points of Comparison with the Complete Excerpta Medica and Medline Online Search Files," the October, 1982 European Association of Scientific Information Dissemination Centres (EUSIDIC) meeting in Lisbon, the May, a key note presentation for the 1983 ASIS mid-year meeting titled, "Observations, Issues, and Challenges of the Online Industry," a presentation for the December, 1983 National Federation of Abstracting and Indexing Services (NFAIS) conference called, "Value-Added Processes in the Private Sector," a presentation given at the National Library of Medicine board of regents meeting, a presentation at the Electronic Software Publishing Software in June, 1984 titled, "Database Loading Considerations of Value-Added by the Online Information Service," a paper titled, "Modern Subject Access in the Online Age," a presentation given at the 9th Cranfield Conference on Mechanized Information Transfer called, "Online Service/Database Supplier Relationships," a presentation given for a panel discussion of the ASIS International Relations Committee at the ASIS annual meeting in October, 1985 called, "The Centralization of International Information: Promise and Problems," the Nov, 1985 UNESCO workshop for online searching, a presentation given during a panel discussion at the National Federation of Abstracting and Indexing Services (NFAIS) meeting in March, 1986 called, "Online Executives' View of Information Delivery," the DIALOG user update meeting with European users in April, 1986, the 10th Cranfield Conference on Mechanized Information Transfer, a presentation for a March, 1987 NFAIS panel called, "Gateways Revisited: How do they Affect Database Producers?--The Online Vendor View," an invited presentation for the 2nd International Symposium on Computerized Information Retrieval held in Beijing in December, 1987 called, "Current Developments with DIALOG Services."




Technical Paper or Note; Correspondence; Technical Report; Financial Records; Memoranda; Legal document; Pamphlet; Book

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Charles Bourne papers

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Personal projects files


Gift of Charles P. Bourne

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