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William (Bill) Duvall papers

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Ranging in date from 1972 to 1996, the William (Bill) Duvall papers hold materials collected over the course of Duvall’s work at Xerox PARC, Consulair Corporation, and SurfWatch, Inc. Types of documentation found in the collection include source code, reports, memos, and manuals. About half of the materials are from Xerox and date between 1972 and 1979. Most of this material is related to the Xerox Alto, and includes source code for various Alto programs, reports, internal memos, and reference manuals for the Alto hardware, software packages, and operating system. Other documentation from Xerox covers subjects such as the design of a Video Terminal System (VTS), BCPL, a programming language used on the Alto, Ethernet, Pup in Tenex, and JDS, the Japanese Document System project at Xerox.

Another significant portion of the collection is made up of printouts of source code for programs created by Consulair Corporation during the early 1980s, such as code for the 8086 assembly language written for different platforms. There are also two binders of disk directories from 1982, binders related to the Amtel messenger and operating system, several binders related the Z80 C libraries, and a binder of source code for the C compiler. Finally, there is a folder of marketing material and price lists for Consulair products as well as several published Consulair programmer’s guides.

The papers hold a small amount of other mixed materials, including two reports from the Augmentation Research Center from 1976 and 1977, a report on NLS by Bell Canada, and printed computer graphics. There are also a few documents related to SurfWatch, such as the 1995 Congressional hearings about cyberporn and Ann Duvall’s 1996 congressional testimony regarding the SurfWatch software.

The collection also includes two packaged software items with 3 ½ inch floppies. Titles include Mac C/Toolkit Linker (1987) and Consulair 68000 Development System (1986), both for the Macintosh.


1972-1996; bulk 1972-1989


Duvall, William (Bill)


4.59 linear feet in 2 record cartons and 5 manuscript boxes


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BCPL (Computer program language); Consulair Corporation; SurfWatch, Inc.; Xerox Alto; Xerox Corporation. Palo Alto Research Center

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William (Bill) Duvall papers


Gift of Bill Duvall

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