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International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) : C-S

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1958-1960; 1962-1975; 1979-1983; 1987; 1992-1999

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Publication number E20-0137-0
Publication number G320-6662
Publication number G320-6839-0
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Publication number GX20-1850-3
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Publication number X22-6785-3


This folder contains documents on the following IBM systems, software, projects, and technologies: IBM Cypress, IBM Data Cell, IBM DATATEXT, IBM Dortmund Library System (Dortmund Bibliotheks System - DOBIS), IBM Document Processing System (DPS), IBM Experimental Library Management System (ELMS), IBM Library/370, IBM Formatted File System (FFS), IBM film systems, IBM Generalized Information System (GIS), IBM Information Management System (IMS), IBM INFORM, IBM Technical Information Retrieval Center (ITIRC), IBM Keyword in Context (KWIC), IBM LITE, IBM Machine Translation (MT), IBM Magnetic Tape Selectric Typewriter (MT/ST), IBM NASA, IBM Negotiated Search Facility, IBM Planning through Retrieval of Information for Management Extrapolation (PRIME), IBM Quicktran, IBM Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI), IBM Storage and Information Retrieval System (STAIRS).


Technical Paper or Note; Article; Promotional Material; Correspondence; Manual; Technical Report; Memoranda; Pamphlet; Microform; Newsletter

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Charles Bourne papers

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Organization/System files


Gift of Charles P. Bourne

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