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These folders contain the following:
XL Series Users Guide, October, 1984
IBM 3270 Information Display System, 1985
Letterprinter 100 Programmer Reference Manual, 1983
Selanar Graphics 200, 1982
Users Manual for the 500 Series Terminal (ADDS), 1978
Hazeltine 2000 Operating Manual, 1975
DECscope Users' Manual, 1975
DECwriter IV Graphic Printer, 1981
Concept Reference Manual, 1979
Concept APL Reference Manual, 1978
WY-50 Display Terminal Quick-Reference Guide, 1983
Model 550 User's Manual, 1978
Stratus V102 Terminal Programmer's Guide, 1986
Vistar/GT Technical User's Manual, 1973
BitGraph Advanced Graphics Terminal User's Guide and Operating Instructions version 2.0, 1982
VIP7809 Display Terminal User's Reference Manual, 1983
VIP7809 Terminal Product Manual, 1983
Video Terminal Model Z-19-CN Operation Manual, 1981
VT131 Video Terminal User Guide, 1981
Programmer's Reference for D216+, D216E+, D412+, and D462+ Display Terminals, 1990
Heathkit Manual for the Video Terminal Model H19, 1979
Dasher D470C Color Display Terminal Programmer's Reference Manual, 1986
Tektronix 4010 and 4010-1 Users Manual, 1972
Tektronix 4014 and 4014-1 Computer Display Terminal, 1982
IBM 3164 ASCII Color Display Station Description, 1986
IBM 3164 ASCII Color Display Station Operator Reference and Problem Solving Guide, 1986 (2 copies)
Honeywell VIP7800 Family Display Terminals User's Reference Manual, 1983
Honeywell VIP7813/VIP7814/VIP7816/VIP7823/VIP7824/VIP7826 12-inch Display Terminals Problem Analysis and Unit Replacement Guide, 1984
Honeywell VIP7813/VIP7814/VIP7816/VIP7823/VIP7824/VIP7826 12-inch Display Terminals Setup Procedures, 1984
VT100 User Guide, 1981
HDS3200 Terminal Series Owner's Manual, 1987
VT125 User Guide, 1981
VT102 Video Terminal User Guide, 1983




Ann Arbor Terminals, Inc.; International Business Machines Corporation (IBM); Digital Equipment Corporation; Selanar Corporation; Applied Digital Data Systems, Inc. (ADDS); Hazeltine Corporation; Human designed systems, inc.; Wyse Technology, Inc.; Perkin-Elmer; Stratus Computer, Inc.; Infoton Incorporated; Honeywell Inc.; Zenith Data Systems; Data General Corporation; Heath Company; Tektronix, Inc.



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Frank da Cruz Kermit records

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Gift of Frank da Cruz

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