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These folders contain the following: SuperBrain users manual, 1980; ELSA microlink 56K: Commands for host-processed and host controlled modems reference manual, 1999; Data/FAX AT command set 1997; Venus AT command refereence manual 2000; Winkler, MDS-II interprocessor interface specification, 1990; ASKEY Voice/FAX/DATA modem user's manual; Diamond supra express V. 90, Lasat internet 56, 2001; Powersurf, 2001; ACER, 2001; Wisecom, 2001; Shark, 2001; Racal-Vadic VA4492E user's guide, 1986; Zoltrix AT command manual, 1998; 5634TS user's manual, 2001; PCTEL, 2001; Command guide for Intel high-speed data modems, 1991;Racal-Vadic VA9000 system conroller user's guide, 1987; Rockwell AT commands for 56K modems, 1998; Chapman, M, MDS-11 Chassis controller- DCO interface specification, 1987; RMD 3221 modem user's guide, 1989: RMD 3264 dual modem user's guide, 1991; Seimens manual reference modem commands for the Seimans mobile phone S35i, C35i, M35i, 2000; Hayes smart modem 1200 user's guide, 1985; Hayes smart modem 1200 hardware reference guide, 1985; Hayes smartmodem 2400 user's guide, 1987; Hayes smartmodem 2400 getting started, 1987; Hayes V series smartmodem user's guide, 1992; Telebit T3000 fast start guide, 1991; Telebit T3000 reference manual, 1991; Telebit T3000 addendum, 1991; Trailblazer user manual, 1985; Telebit commands and registers reference manual, 1987; V.3229 installation and operation manual, 1991; Courier High Speed Modems, 1994; Courier V.Everything, 1998; Sportster Winmodem, 1996; Courier PCMCIA user's guide, 1994; Sportster modems Installation and Troubleshooting, 1994; TurboModem V.Fast Installation Guide, ca. 1994; DataPort Express Modem user's guide, 1998; Omnitec Telephone Coupler instruciton manual, 1977; V.34 Data Fax; ca. 1996; Practical PM14400FX MT Modem Operating manual, 1992; DeskPorte 28.8P with fax/data software user's guide, 1994; 212 LP modem user's manual, ca. 1980; Models RA12E and RA12C packetized ensemble modem reference manual, 1986




Winkler, M; Chapman, M


Intertec Data Systems Corporation; Elsa; Conexant Systems Inc.; Racal-Milgo; Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc.; Racal-Milgo Information Systems; Telebit Corporation; U.S. Robotics, Inc.; 3Com Corporation; The Complete PC, Inc.; AT&T Paradyne Corporation; Omnitec; Boca Research, Inc.; Practical Peripherals; MicroSystems Inc.


Book; Manual; Reference Guide

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Frank da Cruz Kermit records

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Gift of Frank da Cruz

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