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International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT) blue books, vols. II-VI

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These folders contain the following:
Volume II - Fascicle II.1. General Tariff Principles / Charging and Accounting in International Telecommunications Services. Series D Recommendations (Geneva 1989)
Volume II - Fascicle II.2: Telephone Network and ISDN - Operation, Numbering, Routing and Mobile Service. Recomendations E.100-E.333 (Geneva 1989)
Volume II - Fascicle II.3: Telephone Network and ISDN - Quality of Service, Network Management and Traffic Engineering. Recomendations E.401-E.880 (Geneva 1989)
Volume II - Fascicle II.4: Conformance Testing Procedures for the Teletex Recommendations. Recomendations T.64 (Geneva 1989)
Volume II - Fascicle II.6: Message Handling and Directory Services. Recomendations F.400-F.422, F.500 (Geneva 1989)
Volume III - Fascicle III.5: Digital Networks, Digital Sections and Digital Line Systems. Recommendations G.801-G-961 (Geneva 1989)
Volume III - Fascicle III.7: Integrated Digital Network (ISDN) / General Structure and Service Capabilities Recommendations I.110-I.257 (Geneva 1989)
Volume III - Fascicle III.8: Integrated Digital Network (ISDN) / Overall Network Aspects and Functions, ISDN Network Interfaces. Recommendations I.310-I.470 (Geneva 1989)
Volume III - Fascicle III.9: Integrated Digital Network (ISDN) / Internetwork Interfaces and Maintenance Principles. Recommendations I.500-I.605 (Geneva 1989)
Volume VI - Fascicle VI.1: General Recommendations on Telephone Switching and Signalling / Functions and Information Flows for Services in the ISDN / Supplements. Recommendations Q.1-Q.118bis (Geneva 1989)
Volume VI - Fascicle VI.7: Specifications of Signalling System No.7. Recommendations Q.700-Q.716 (Geneva 1989)
Volume VI - Fascicle VI.8: Specifications of Signalling System No.7. Recommendations Q.721-Q.766 (Geneva 1989)
Volume VI - Fascicle VI.9: Specifications of Signalling System No.7. Recommendations Q.771-Q.795 (Geneva 1989)
Volume VI - Fascicle VI.10: Digital Subscriber Signalling System No.1 (DSS 1), Data Link Layer. Recommendations Q.920-Q.921 (Geneva 1989)
Volume VI - Fascicle VI.11: Digital Subscriber Signalling System No.1 (DSS 1), Network Layer, User-Network Management. Recommendations Q.930-Q.940 (Geneva 1989)
Volume VI - Fascicle VI.12: Public Land Mobile Network, Internetworking with ISDN and PSTN. Recommendations Q.1000-Q.1032 (Geneva 1989)




International Telecommunication Union


Standards; Technical Report; Technical Paper or Note

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Frank da Cruz Kermit records

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Gift of Frank da Cruz

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