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Millionaire calculator

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Hans W. Egli Co

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Identifying Numbers

Other number X211 X211 is written in black ink on the front and back of the main unit.
Serial number 4493


34 x 30 x 24 in.


The object consists of a motorized version of the Millionaire calculator that sits on a separate tubular metal floor stand with a mechanism for raising and lowering four castors.\. Dimensions are of the calculator on its floor stand with the top closed. This is a motorized unit, with one leather belt looped over a cross member of the floor stand and another hanging from the motor, underneath the main unit.. There is a cloth-covered power cord with an unusual (by 2004 standards) two-socket fitting for attaching to the unit. The main instruction sheet and an instruction sheet for "motorization" are affixed inside the lid. A smaller motor has been fitted to the location where the driven pulley of the original drive system was, at the opposite end of the main calculator box from the original motor, which is still in place. This new motor attachment is rather crude and appears to be home-made. It has its own, permanently attached rubber-covered power cord, with a damaged, three-prong wall plug and a light switch fitted in a utility box, apparently as an on-off switch.



Collection Title

Gwen Bell artifact and book collection

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Pre-computing artifacts

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