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Osborne 1 portable computer

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The dimensions are of the object closed, but laid down so that the keyboard can be deployed. The object includes the computer, a male-RCA to male-RCA cable, 13 5-1/4-inch floppy disks, three cardboard floppy-disk drive protective inserts, and 4 KLEERTEX keyboard-overlay guides to the commands used in different programs.. This object has 5 rows of approximately 1/8-inch diameter ventilation (?) holes in the handle end - they may not be stock.. Object has been modified by a previous owner who attached a 1-inch quarter-round wood molding to one corner near the handle end and who apparently added a ribbon cable and connector which protrude from between body panels into the power-cord compartment.. On bottom (outside) of the keyboard section there is a paper label, taped to the case, that reads," J. Santangelo, 20 Boyce St, Reading MA 01867.". The display panel of the object has been heavily modified. Both floppy drives are on the right. It appears that a modem or Ethernet card has been installed on the left, and some sort of printed-circuit-board connection strip and a "JG Communications" box protrude from IEEE-488 socket hole in the panel. A Decimal/Hex/ASCII/Keyboard conversion label has been taped to the keyboard, which is scratched and has tape residue. The keyboard-to-computer cable does not appear to be stock.




Osborne Computer Corporation

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Identifying Numbers

Model number Osborne 1
Other number CP79666913 CP79666913 has been scratched into the case between the carrying handle and the adjacent ventilation holes
Serial number A11087


9 x 20 x 17 in.


Digital computer/personal computer/portable / luggable

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