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VAXServer 3500

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The VAXServer 3500 was part of DEC's second-generation VAX systems, and used the CVAX microprocessor-based CPU rather than discrete logic. Donor note: "The MicroVAXen 3200 and 3500 are the first of the second generation of MicroVAXen which had the CVAX processor (the VAX microprocessor implementation in '84 launced the MicroVAX line). They were both released in '87 and represented identical performance levels but different system configurations. Their successors were actually not introduced until '91 with the 4000 and additional 3100 models, both of which survive until this day!" "When the 3200/3500 were introduced, they were clearly meant as entry level VAX workstations or workgroup servers, but the traditional UNIX vendors were already eroding this market, so that DEC introduced the MIPS-based DECstations in '89. They were mostly a stop-gap measure until the Alpha was ready and by '92 that chip started to replace all other DEC architectures. " "The major difference between a VAXstation and a VAXserver is really only how it is sold and it is curious that the rack-mounted unit with the Emulex terminal server is actually labelled a VAXstation. There is the small chance that the 3500 is in fact the unusual 3520/3540 which was completely different in architecture from all other MicroVAXen and had multiprocessor support, but I would have to look at it more closely and the label does indicate otherwise. " "Both machines are QBus based like all other MicroVAXen before. The rack-mounted unit appears functional but would require a new OS load but the smaller unit is missing the processor board (which leads me to believe that it might have been a 3520/3540)."




Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

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Model number VAXServer 3500 DV-35051-A4
Serial number 81605015


27 x 19 1/2 x 17 (HWD)


Digital computer/minicomputer


Gift of Alex Bochannek

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