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IBM RT PC mouse

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The IBM RT (for RISC Technology) was IBM's high performance engineering workstation. It featured high-resolution graphics and typically ran AIX (IBM's version of UNIX). It sold for $10,000 when first announced in January, 1986. From the RT FAQ: The IBM RT is a RISC based processor designed by IBM, and unique to that platform. The RT was first announced by IBM in January 1986. The processor is generally refered to as 032 processor. In some documentation it is also refered to as the 'ROMP' processor. The RT PC Advanced System Processor has a 32-bit Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) architecture developed by IBM and implemented in a 1-micron CMOS technology. It has sixteen 32-bit general purpose registers and uses 32-bit addresses and data paths. The micropcessor is controlled by 118 simple 2- and 4-byte instructions. An IBM-developed advanced memory management chip provides virtual memory address translation functions and memory control. It provides a 40-bit virtual address structure capable of addressing one terabyte of virtual memory. Internal processor organization enables the CPU to execute most register-to-register instructions in a single cycle. The model 115/125 RT PC with their FAST ECC memory, is capable of providing the processor with a 32-bit word of data plus ECC each 100 nsec cycle. This memory consists of 40 1-megabit IBM RAM chips. These chips are the same megabit technology used in the IBM 3090. For more history, see the Hardware FAQ posted to *************************************************************** This item comprises six (6) pieces: A: CPU B: Color monitor, tilt and swivel base C: Keyboard D: 2-button mechanical mouse E: RGB monitor cable F: Keyboard cable




International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

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Model number 6298426
Serial number A11OK002556




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