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Bendix G-15 module

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The Bendix G-15 was a very popular mid-size engineering computer introduced in 1955. By 1961, over 300 were in use with another 300 on order. The base system sold for $51,000 or could be leased for $1,530 per month. The CPU used 450 vacuum tubes in modules like these. The G- 15 used a 2K magnetic drum for storage and had a 29-bit word length and was used in many military and oil company installations. For more complete documentation, please refer to BRL Report (Weik, ed.), pp. 66- 85. Basic machine statistics: Word size: 29 bits Instruction set: 125 instructions Internal number representation: binary Arithmetic system: fixed-point Storage: Magnetic Drum, Magnetic Tape Drum: Size: 2, 176 words (63,104 bits) Access Time: 14.5ms (av), 540 us (min) Tape: Size: 4 tape drives (max) Bit Density: 57cpi Number of Tracks:6 Transfer Rate: 427cps Input: Typewriter, Card Reader, Paper Tape Output: Typewriter, Card Punch, Paper Tape, Line Printer (IBM 402) Device Technology: CPU: Vacuum Tubes (450), Diodes (2,500) Power Consumption: 3.5kW (110V @ 50A), no A/C required with adequate ventilation.


1956 ca.


Bendix Corporation

Identifying Numbers

Other number 1C 1117C Etched on wiring side
Other number CF2 Etched on wiring side


overall: 1 3/8 in x 7 1/4 in x 3 1/2 in


Component: circuit board / module


Gift of Harry D. Huskey

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