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Mindset Personal Computing System CPU unit

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Mindset Corporation

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2 3/4 x 16 x 12 1/2 in.


Dimensions are of the system unit, exclusive of the attached power cable and mated expansion unit.. NOTE - As stored, the system unit is mated to an expansion unit that sits on top of the system box, and is attached to the system box by mating edge connectors in the top of the system box and the bottom of the expansion unit. The corresponding edge connectors are recessed in a 1 1/4 x 5 inch opening in the top of the system unit and shielded inside a corresponding shroud that extends out from the bottom of the expansion unit. The two objects were found mated in the collection, and they have similar, distinctive red markings showing screw locations, and similar patterns of missing covers to case openings and other user-specific features that indicate that they were part of one person's integrated system. No Accession Number was marked on the expansion unit when the object was first examined on 11/1/2004, but the Expansion Unit was subsequently given Accession Number X1922.2000E.. NOTE - At first glance, the two separate units appear to be a single unit, but they are only attached to each other by the friction of the edge connectors.. The object has a rectangular, 5 x 1 1/4 inch, opening in the top, with an exposed edge connector, to allow docking with a Mindset expansion unit.. The object has a rotating knob recessed into the left side of the unit that opens and closes the jaws of the printed-circuit-board edge connectors in the accessory module docking bays.. There is an RJ-45-type socket near the front edge of the left side of the object.. The object has an expansion unit (Object X1922.2000E) installed, as of 11/1/2004.. The name "Mindset" is molded into the right side of the front panel.. There are no accessory modules installed in the two available bays in the front panel of the object.. A crude "homemade" cardboard shield has been installed over a printed-circuit board that extends beyond the back of the case.. The following serial number is visible handwritten on a printed circuit board visible through an opening on the right-hand side of the back panel of the object: 70827(?)06. The query indicates that the numeral "7" is uncertain, because it is partly covered by an internal mounting bracket. The short serial numbers, (typically 3 or 4 digits) of similar Mindset system boxes in the CHM collection suggests that the serial number visible on the PCB is unlikely to be the serial number of the complete object. It should, however, provide a unique, alternative manufacturer's number for future identification of this object.


Digital computer: desktop


Gift of Molly Hogan

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