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Model 3480 tape drive

Catalog Number



Physical object


January 31 1985 (printed on frame of A22 box)


International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

Place Manufactured


Identifying Numbers

Model number 3480 Label on upper left front
Model number A22 Label on upper left front
Model number B22 Label on rear right door
Other number 102625244 CHM barcode stuck to lower right rear frame
Other number 10776 Written in pencil near on/off switch
Other number 1618601 Amdahl barcode front left panel
Other number 1618701 Amdahl barcode on front right
Other number 4451533 Printed in white on lower right side of rear frame
Other number 70 Stick-on digits upper left front
Other number E/C A05946 Printed in white on lower right side of rear frame


overall: 42 1/2 in x 46 1/2 in x 29 3/4 in


Object is a large beige box that seems to be two boxes joined at the center. Seen from the front, the left cubical section has the A22 model number; this is the control unit. It contains a large swinging gate of circuit cards that opens to the rear. The right cubical section is the model B22 dual tape drive. (Additional B22s could be added.) At the front of the right section two small doors flip up to reveal insertion areas for tape cartridges.

The IBM 3480 line were tape drives that used a new, 5.5-inch square tape cartridge that provided higher density and easier storage than the old 10-inch round reels. (retrieved 29 July 2015).



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