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GRiD GridPad 2260 "Convertible" personal computer

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This object consists of two parts, the personal computer with tethered stylus and a removable nickel-cadmium battery pack. The dimensions and weight are of the object with the main battery pack removed.. The object has a rectangular strip of Velcro, approximately 2 x 3/4 inch, affixed to the bezel surrounding the screen.. The main battery pack is designed to become an integral part of the rear edge of the case. Therefore, the battery has been tagged and bagged separately for possible preservation.. There is a miniature D-shaped socket on the left side of the computer with two rows of sockets with 13 sockets in each row; it is unlabeled. The two rows of sockets are "squared-up," as in a conventional "Centronics-type" parallel-port connector, not staggered as in a conventional DB-type connector. This socket is unlabeled, but it mates with the connector on the end of the cable attached to the related Grid 3 1/2 inch external floppy disk drive, Object 102633293.. Under a hinged cover on the rear of the case protrusion to which the main battery docks, there are 2 D connectors; one DB-9-P , labeled with a video-screen symbol and one connector with 15 sockets in three rows of five, labeled with a serial-port symbol.




GRiD Systems Corporation

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Identifying Numbers

Model number 2260
Other number G44-1377 G44-1377 is printed on the label of the battery pack
Other number P0293 P0293 is printed on the label of the battery pack
Serial number GPA04518


9 x 11 1/2 x 9 1/2 in.


Digital computer/personal computer/portable / luggable

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