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PalmPad Model 2352 hand-held personal computer

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Object consists of the computer, an un-tethered stylus, two removable custom-made battery packs, and a detachable "Y" cable.. Donation repacked in acid-free materials 10/28/2004.. Two battery packs, Model 32175, were labeled, bagged and stored separately from object. The battery packs were specially designed for this object. Note that the stylus also has a battery compartment under a screw cap at the blunt end of the stylus. Two Eveready Type 393 cells were removed from the stylus.. The Model 32175 battery packs are approximately 3/4 x 4 1/8 x 3 inches. They have six flat-pad contacts on one face and an 3/8-inch diameter, 8-socket, polarized connector on one end.. The object is labeled as containing a radio, Model 8493043. Under that label is the label, "DOC/MDC - 1602 K1036.". There is a screw-on BNC-type coaxial-socket connector on the body of the computer.. The object has a miniature DB-25-S connector labeled with a serial-port graphic and a power-supply graphic, and there is a cable with a corresponding miniature DB-25-P connector on one end and a Y-split with two connectors at the other end. One of the Y-end connectors is a regular-size DB-9-P and the other is a 3/8-inch diameter, round, connector with 8 pins in a polarized pattern. The cable has a white label with the number 870-91220, REV. E, 9231.. The object has a miniature DB-15-S connector labeled with a keyboard graphic.


GRiD Systems Corporation

Identifying Numbers

Model number 2352
Serial number GPC01412


2 x 9 x 6 3/4 in.


Digital computer/personal computer/portable / luggable

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