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Wyse Series 7000i Model 760 MP computer

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760MP Solaris ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- OS: Solaris OS Version: 2.4 OS Update: FCS Manufacturer: Wyse Technologies Model: Series 7000i Model 760MP Description: Server Motherboard: Processor(s): Intel 80486 DX2-66 MHz (3) Memory: 32 MB Ext. Cache: 512 KB Int. Cache: 24 KB BIOS: Wyse MPFW Core Rev System MPFW Rev Diag FW Rev Bus Types: 8 EISA 5 Wyde Wyse Major Chips: Wyse 2211036-01CSRV Unknown Wyse 2211036-01LHDF (3) Unknown ` Wyse 211083-01PN Unknown Intelk S82352 (2) Unknown Panasonic MN56020UWB (2) Unknown Peripherals: Floppy Disk: 1.44 MB, Bundled Hard Disk(s): Fujitsu M2694 ES-512 1GB SCSI, Bundled CD-ROM(s): Teac CD-50, Bundled Tape Drive: N/A Network Card: SMC Ultra Ethercard Plus, Bundled IRQ 11, IO 300, Addr. d0000 ISA bus Video System: Diamond SpeedStar Pro, Bundled Cirrus Logic GD-5430 chip 1024x768x256 ISA bus IDE Interface:N/A SCSI Adapter: DPT 2022, Bundled IRQ 15, IO 1c88, EISA bus BIOS @ c8000 Audio Card: N/A Pointing Dev.:Mouse Systems PS/2 3 button mouse on Mouse port, Bundled Multi IO Card:Wyse WY-994, Bundled COM1: IRQ 4, IO 3f8 COM2: IRQ 3, IO 2f8 LPT1: IRQ 7, IO 378 IDE: IRQ 14, IO 1f0 (disabled) Flop: IRQ 6, IO 3f2, DMA 2 Modem: Unknown Mouse: IRQ 12 IO Devices: See above Results: Warn Custom/OEM: OEM Modifications: Doesn't work with SoundBlaster Pro/2 card. Mylex DAC 960 failed. (May be problem with local Mylex unit, as the status of the test unit was questionable) Use Diamond SpeedStar Pro, not WG-1000. Installation Comments: This system installs and runs Solaris 2.4 okay, but one must make sure three conditions are met: 1. Do not try to use the SoundBlaster Pro/2 card. The Creative Technologies SoundBlaster SCSI 16 has worked in other Wyse systems that showed similar (hung card) problems, so that might work here. 2. To date, all attempts to test this system with a Mylex DAC 960 with RAID have failed. The DPT RAID worked with the Model 665, which is similar, so that may work if RAID is required. However, the Mylex DAC 960 supplied for testing was in questionable condition, so we wish to retest at some point with a new Mylex unit. 3. The Diamond SpeedStar Pro board, which Wyse ships, works fine, but the WG-1000, with the Cirrus Logic GD542x chip, doesn't. Go figure, but don't use this board with OpenWindows.. Certification Comments: Once you thread the configuration/installation needle described above, this system runs Solaris 2.4 fine. It does, however, display the floppy bug. Please note that the results files included with this summary come from many different runs and a different configuration, so they do not indicate the true status of the tests. Other Comments: Rex Black Wyse Technologies Series 7000i Model 760MP Intel 80486 EISA




Wyse Technology, Inc.

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Courtesy of Barbara Gasman

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