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SYMBOL machine documents

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1965-1970 ca.


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Manuals and reports: "SYMBOL programming reference manual" (2); "Preliminary information manual: SYMBOL P.C. board wire routing"; "Systematic procedures for digital system realization from logic design to production"; "Memory systems: ILLIAC IV"; "SYMBOL storage linking techniques for the automatic management of dynamically variable arrays"; "Notes on user interface and SYMBOL IIR system TE 009"; "The role of the interface processor in the SYMBOL IIR computer system"; "A microprocessor based input/output system for an interactive computer"; "Support processor V"; "Nonnumeric processing in the SYMBOL-2R computer system"; "An algorithmic description of the symbol arithmetic processor"; "High to low order numeric processing"; "A hierarchic control system for user programs in the symbol system"; "SYMBOL hardware specifications"; IBM Customer Engineering reference manual: 24-base machines"; "Study of a computer directly implementing an algebraic language"; "Source program analysis and object string generation algorithms and their implementation in the SYMBOL 2R translator"; "High level language translation in SYMBOL 2R"; "Structured programming in the SYMBOL-2R programming language"; "Introduction to the SYMBOL 2R programming language"(2); "The SYMBOL language: early examples of its uses"; "SYMBOL: A system tailored to the structure of data"; "Controlled information sharing in the SYMBOL 2-R computer system"; "Automated control of concurrency in multi-user hierarchical information system"; "Program execution in the SYMBOL 2R computer"|Copy of Patent for SYMBOL memory control system|SYMBOL instrumentation slide presentation|Various papers related to SYMBOL and Fairchild digital systems department


Manual; Technical Report


Gift of Myron A. Calhoun

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