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SAGE: Magnetic Drum

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International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

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Identifying Numbers

Other number 147 "Container serial" stenciled on bottom and top halves
Other number 237981 Cast into frame left end of drum.
Other number 3115855 On paper label taped to one side of top
Other number 3115855 On paper tag loose inside (bagged)
Other number 789 "Rotor #" from paper tag
Serial number K2557 Written on paper tag


700 x 700 x 1000 mm


Object is found (2008-10-22) and consists of a large, cubical steel box made in two halves. The upper half is secured to the lower by four bolts (of a possible 8). On the upper half is a shipping label addressed to Larson AFB; on the bottom is stenciled "Return to IBM Kingston" and other texts. Removing the top half we find what appears to be a head-per-track drum unit on a heavy metal frame.secured in the lower half. Loose in the bottom of the case is a belt shroud and several loose screws and washers. Also loose in the bottom is a large rubber O-ring, probably intended as a gasket between the upper and lower halves of the case, although not positioned as such because it shows no compression. Loose inside was a paper stock tag bearing the hand-written text "Mag. Drum Ass'y - 3115855 / Rotor #789"; a "Serial Number" K2557, and an "Order or Contract No." AF30 (635) 18890. "Name of Activity, Manufacturer or Using Org" is given as "IBM-Command Control Center"


Memory: drum


Gift of National Museum of Science and Technology - Ottawa

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