Oral History of Jeff Abramowitz

Interviewed by Rich Redelfs, on 2014-12-02 in Mountain View, California, X6922.2014

This Computer History Museum oral history features Jeff Abramowitz, who originally conceived the Wi-Fi Alliance, as interviewed by Rich Redelfs, the former CEO of Wi-Fi chip company Atheros Communications. This interview is part of a series on The History of Wi-Fi. Abramowitz discusses his background and history with RF and wireless networking including his IEEE 802.11 standards involvement while employed at 3Com. Jeff provides insights into the politics and competitive company dynamics which dramatically changed the industry landscape of winners and losers. Jeff further expounds on how this context contributed to his idea, while still at 3Com, to found what became the Wi-Fi Alliance. Additionally, Abramowitz also discusses his work at No Wires Needed, Intersil, Broadcom, and Azimuth, all companies who had significant contributions to the proliferation of Wi-Fi as the industry matured.

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