Access and Research

Collection Requests

The Shustek Research Archive, located in Fremont, California, is home to the Computer History Museum's collection of primary source material on the history of computing. The collection includes still and moving images; oral histories, documents; software; and computer hardware.

The Computer History Museum welcomes use of its collections by all researchers. CHM’s Shustek Research Archive is open to the public Tuesday through Thursday by appointment only. Access to materials is provided free of charge, however some services such as, but not limited to, digitization, use, software emulation, and access to large artifacts will incur a processing fee. Access to artifacts is limited to onsite inspections. Operation of computers and devices (hardware) in the Museum’s permanent collection is strictly prohibited.

To discuss a research project, seek access to the collection, schedule an on-site visit, request the use of a still or moving image, request digitization, or to ask any other collections related question, please email Research Requests.

Prior to contacting CHM, please identify materials of interest by searching the Museum's online catalog and note the titles and catalog numbers for reference.

Please submit all requests for on-site research at least two weeks prior to the visit date. Requests that involve substantial staff preparation (such as access to historic software or large artifacts) may require up to four weeks prior notice to accommodate.

We look forward to assisting you.