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Fidelity Challenger Super Sensory 9 manual and Challenger series brochure
Fidelity Electronics, Ltd.
Document, 1985 circa

Chess Challenger board AC adapter
Fidelity Electronics
Physical object, 1982 ca.

Chess Challenger board
Fidelity Electronics
Physical object, 1982 ca.

Chess Challenger board chess pieces
Fidelity Electronics
Physical object, 1982 ca.

3.5 inch disks
Microsoft Corporation; Apple Computer, Inc.; Antic Publishing, Inc.; Parsons Technology, Inc.; Walt Disney Corporation; Alpha Software Corporation; Novell, Inc.; American Information Exchange; Norton; Borland International, Inc.; ICS, Inc.; Deneba Systems, Inc.; Broderbund Software, Inc.; Wesson International; Sphere, Inc.; Sierra On-Line, Inc.; Accolade, Inc.; Access Software, Inc.; GT Interactive Software; Budgetbytes; Berkeley Macintosh Users Group (BMUG); Educorp; Various
Software, 1983 ca.-1995 ca.