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From magnetic tape and rare film to lab notebooks and business plans to early mainframes and source code, our collection is as diverse as the history of computing. It is a rich resource for everyone, comprising historical objects, documents, software titles, ephemera, and photographs and moving images.

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PC & LAN Communications, Software Directories, International Networks & Services
Datapro Research Group
Document, 1985-1992; 1981-1984; 1990-1992

Voice Networking, Local Area Networks, LAN Internetworking, Voice Networks
Datapro Research Group
Document, 1992-1998

Microcomputer reports; Information security
Datapro Research Group
Document, 1984-1997

LANs & Internetworking, Wide Area Communications, Data Networks
Datapro Research Group
Document, 1992-1994; 1990-1998

Datapro 70 International, Microcomputers in Asia-Pacific, Feature Reports, Newsletters
Datapro Research Group
Document, 1977-1992; 1991; 1978-1987; 1992-1994

Communications Systems, Computer Systems, CAD/CAM, CAE,Mini-Micro Computer Report
Data Decisions; Daratech, Inc.; Mini-MicroSystems; Dataquest Incorporated
Document, 1983-1985; 1984-1985; 1983-1986; 1979-1980

Computer Charasterics Quarterly, Computer Display Review, Data Processing Equipment Encyclopedia, Computer Technology Reports
Adams Associates; Keydata Corporation; American Data Processing, Inc.; Auerbach Publishers, Inc.
Document, 1961-1966; 1967-1970; 1962-1963; 1972-1978

Standard EDP Reports, DataWorld, Computers & VARs in Europe, Connectivity in Europe, Telecommunications in Europe
Auerbach Publishers, Inc.; INTECO Corporation
Document, 1963-1969; 1986; 1977-1980; 1987-1989