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Sony chief advises Japan to further open markets
The Nikkei Weekly
Document, 1993-01-18

Narrowing the gap : the case for continuing cooperation with Japan
Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)
Document, 1996-03

EIAJ and SIA ninth annual joint meeting in Japan : summary of joint committee activity
Electronic Industries Association of Japan (EIAJ); Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)
Document, 1995-06-08

The volatility of semiconductor demand and industry performance
University Microfilms International; Nova University
Document, 1987

Press release relating to an EIAJ/SIA third annual mission to Tokyo
Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)
Document, 1989-06

Semiconductor Industry Association legislative agenda press releases
Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)
Document, 1983-1984

Letter to the Honorable Lloyd M. Bentsen, United States Senate
United States General Accounting Office
Document, 1987-04-15

Prospects for U.S.-Japanese semiconductor trade in the 21st century
Economic Strategy Institute
Document, 1996-04

Statement of Charles Sporck before the Commitee on Ways and Means, Unated States House of Representatives
National Semiconductor Corporation (NSC)
Document, 1985-06-14

Meeting the global challenge: advanced electronics technology and the American semiconductor industry
Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)
Document, 1989-06

1997 annual databook - Review of global and U.S. semiconductor competitive trends 1978 - 1996
Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)
Document, 1997

Perspectives on competitiveness - Restoring confidence in America's economic future
Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)
Document, 1985

The semiconductor competition and national security
Stanford University
Document, 1987