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From magnetic tape and rare film to lab notebooks and business plans to early mainframes and source code, our collection is as diverse as the history of computing. It is a rich resource for everyone, comprising historical objects, documents, software titles, ephemera, and photographs and moving images.

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Apollo guidance and navigation : R-393 logical description for the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC 4)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Instrumentation Laboratory
Document, 1963

Apollo Guidance, Navigation and Control: MIT's Role in Project Apollo Final report on Contracts NAS-9-153 and NAS 9-4065 Volume III Computer Subsystem
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Charles Stark Draper Laboratory
Document, 1972-08

Kayton, Myron oral history
Computer History Museum
Document, 2006-08-05

Digital Computer Museum : June 10, 1982
Digital Computer Museum
Document, 1982-06-10

Hamilton, Margaret oral history
Computer History Museum
Document, 2017-04-13

Moore, J Strother oral history, part 1 of 2
Computer History Museum
Document, 2018-10-17

Egan, Dick (Richard) oral history
Computer History Museum
Document, 2008-09-17