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From magnetic tape and rare film to lab notebooks and business plans to early mainframes and source code, our collection is as diverse as the history of computing. It is a rich resource for everyone, comprising historical objects, documents, software titles, ephemera, and photographs and moving images.

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Apollo Guidance Computer
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Moving Image, ca. 1966

The Apollo Guidance Computer, part one : Eldon Hall
Computer History Museum
Moving Image, 1982-06-10

The Apollo Guidance Computer, part two : David Scott

Moving image, 1982-06-10

Raw footage of The Computer Museum from SAGA productions
SAGA Productions, New York
Moving Image

Hamilton, Margaret oral history
Computer History Museum
Moving image, 2017-04-13

If software, then space
Computer History Museum
Moving image, 2019-06-12