Stock Donations

Stock Donations

The Museum welcomes gifts of stock. Securities can be transferred directly to the Museum´s stock transfer plan through Morgan Stanley.

How to Donate Stocks

Here is the broker information you will need to facilitate your gift:

  • c/o Matthew Ives 650-853-4072
  • Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
  • 245 Lytton Avenue, Suite 200
  • Palo Alto, CA 94301-1963
  • FBO: Computer History Museum
  • DWR Account # 112-014033-072
  • DTC # 015

Delivering or Mailing Stock Certificates

Do not sign the certificates. Send them to Matthew (above) unsigned, along with a letter confirming the gift. You will want to include in the letter the specific purpose of the gift (e.g., "annual fund donation"). Send signed stock powers in a separate envelope. The stock powers must be signed exactly as the name(s) appear on the stock certificates.

Tax Information

A contribution is valued based on IRS regulations. The value is determined by the mean of the high and the low value of the security on the day that it is credited to the Computer History Museum´s account or the day that the certificate is in our custody. Contributions sent by U.S. mail are valued the date of the postmark. Our Federal Tax ID # is 77-0507525.

For More Information

650-810-1029 Michelle Mertz

Vice President & Chief Development Officer