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Core Magazine, 2017 Issue

Explore the Computer History Museum's unique, 360-degree approach to interpretation and storytelling in this issue of Core magazine. Discover our fresh take on live programming, explore the use of our computing artifacts in exhibits around the world, and consider how intersectionality is at work in our Center for Software History. Featured is an exceptional suite of articles dedicated to our iPhone 360 Project, an integrated initiative across the Museum spearheaded by our Exponential Center that explores the iPhone’s prehistory, inception, and launch to its evolution and impact.

This Issue

Features: How the iPhone Took Off (Marc Weber, Curatorial Director, Internet History Program); Stacking the Deck: Choices that Enabled the iPhone App Store (Hansen Hsu, Curator, Software History Center); From California to China and Beyond: iPhone in the Global Economy (Marguerite Gong Hancock, Executive Director, Exponential Center); and A Downward Gaze (John Markoff, Historian & Author).

Articles: Reimagining Live Programming (Lauren Miyamoto, Managing Producer, CHM Live); Behind the Graphic Art of CHM Live (Chanel Lloren, Associate Producer, CHM Live); CHM Collections Exhibit Culture, Art & Design (Karen Kroslowitz, Director of Collections); Grant Wrap-Up: Processing Project Makes Available 26 CHM Collections (Sara Lott, Senior Archives Manager); Documenting the Stories of Our Fellows (Dag Spicer, Senior Curator); Beyond Inclusion: Gaps, Glitches & Imaginative Failure in Computing (David C. Brock, Director, Software History Center); Creating a Culture of Learning at CHM (Lauren Silver, Vice President of Education); Somersaults & Moon Landings: A Conversation with Margaret Hamilton (David C. Brock, Director, Software History Center); Recent Artifact Donations (Dag Spicer, Senior Curator); and Donor Profile: Franklin “Pitch” and Catherine H. Johnson (Pamela Gesme Miller, Associate Vice President of Development).

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