Core Magazine 2019

Core Magazine, 2019 Issue

Discover stories that exemplify the ways in which people innovate, adapt, and grow, as well as our own efforts to do the same at CHM. You’ll read about a shift in collecting strategy to expand the known history of computing through “outsider narratives”; the journey from idea to startup of well-known entrepreneurs, like Yahoo! founders Jerry Yang and David Filo and Kiva executive chair Julie Hanna; and several extraordinary stories about the history, people, and future of space exploration as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing this year.

This Issue


CHM Learning Lab: A Special Place for Learning About Learning (Karin Forssell, Director, Learning, Design & Technology Program, Stanford Graduate School of Education) and Using Human-Centered Design to Shape a New Space for Learning at CHM (Joerg Student, Executive Design Direction, IDEO).

Moon Landing @50: The Computing Race to Space: From Sputnik to Apollo (Dag Spicer, Senior Curator); Companion to the Stars: The Apollo Guidance Computer (Spicer); Make It So! Science Fiction, Computing & Space (David C. Brock, Director & Curator, Software History Center); and New Discoveries, Technology & Ethical Questions: A Tour Through the Changing World of Space (Danielle Wood, Direction, Space Enabled Research Group, MIT Media Lab).


Collecting Outsider Narratives (Paula Jabloner, Director of Digital Collections & Center for Cisco Heritage); Jim C. Warren Papers Chronicle the Golden Age of Personal Computing (Sydney Olson, Reference & Processing Archivist); From Idea to Startup: The Entrepreneur’s Journey (Heidi Hackford, Content & Curriculum Direction, Exponential Center); Silicon Valley Leaders Share Advice in “One Word” Educational Initiative (Hackford); (The Dynabook Was Not an iPad (Hansen Hsu, Curator, Software History Center); UNIX: The Code Behind Your World (David C. Brock, Director & Curator, Software History Center); Happy Netiversaries! The Web Turns 30 & Cyberspace Turns 50 (Marc Weber, Curatorial Director, Internet History Program); 1989: The Web’s Conception (Weber); Featured Artifacts (Dag Spicer, Senior Curator); Harlan E. & Lois J. Anderson Family Foundation Supports Lifelong Learning at CHM (Michelle Foster, Director of Philanthropy, Exponential Center & Global Partnerships).

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