How Computer Storage Became a Modern Business

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[Recorded Mar 9, 2005] During the 1960's, most data storage systems used with mainframes and minicomputers were the ones specified by individual computer manufacturers. Since those days, the storage industry has evolved into a worldwide assortment of computer companies offering solutions for a large, diverse mix of applications. The impact on the market for computer storage systems has been huge -- Immense markets, divergent host system requirements, short product lives for storage products, numerous storage company start-ups, with valiant attempts to achieve storage product standards and reliability. Jim Porter, Larry Boucher, Randy Katz, Clod Barrera and Mike Gluck discuss this evolution and impact. All of our panel members have participated in the storage industry's efforts to provide continual improvements in data storage products, industry standards, and system reliability. Their leadership has made possible much of the computer industry's movement to more flexible interconnection of storage products and systems, combined with the enhanced reliability of RAID technology, and the ability to quickly utilize the annual improvements in disk and tape products. The panel members discuss the challenges, achievements and key events in helping storage evolve into a modern industry.