SuperBetter Author Jane McGonigal in Conversation with NPR's Laura Sydell

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[Recorded: September 22, 2015] SUPERBETTER: A Revolutionary Approach to Getting Stronger, Happier, Braver and More Resilient - Powered by the Science of Games In 2009, game designer and author Jane McGonigal suffered a severe concussion that wouldn’t heal. Unable to think clearly, or work, or even get out of bed, she became anxious and depressed, even suicidal—a common symptom for concussion sufferers. But rather than let herself sink further, she decided to get better by doing what she does best: she turned her recovery process into a game. What started as a simple motivational exercise became a set of rules she shared on her blog. These rules became a digital game, then an online portal and a major research study with the National Institutes of Health. Today more than 400,000 people have played SuperBetter to get happier and healthier. Jane McGonigal first graced our stage as a Revolutionary in 2011, on her bestselling Reality is Broken book tour, in conversation with NPR’s Laura Sydell. Join us as we welcome the return of McGonigal and Sydell for another enlightening and inspirational conversation about the ways we can harness the power of games to improve our lives.