How We Got To Now Author Steven Johnson with the Museum's CEO John Hollar

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We’re pleased to welcome New York Times-bestselling author Steven Johnson to the Museum on the occasion of How We Got To Now: Six Innovations That Made the Modern World's release in paperback. Exploring networks of creativity and the "long-zoom" approach to history, Johnson delves into six key areas – glass, cold, sound, clean, time, light – to show how multiple unexpected inventions in each led to the modern life we experience today. Filled with surprising stories of accidental genius and brilliant mistakes, the book investigates the secret history behind the everyday objects of contemporary life. Join John Hollar as he moderates an engaging conversation with Johnson about everything from how innovation happens and the "hummingbird effect," to the story of two "time travelers" who are very well known to the Computer History Museum (Babbage and Lovelace). Catalog Number: 102738002 Lot Number: X7627.2016