CHM Live | AI and Social Good

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[Recorded September 28, 2017] We often hear about the promise of AI for creating new kinds of products and services. Less known are efforts to harness AI for societal good. AI scientists are joining with experts and practitioners in education, medicine, public health, sustainability, housing, and other fields to address long-standing social and societal challenges. We will focus on answers to this question, surveying current efforts and reflecting about the longer-term promise of AI for social good. In collaboration with the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, CHM Live presents a conversation with Facebook Director of AI Research Yann LeCun, Google Principal Scientist Greg Corrado, and Director of Microsoft Research Labs Eric Horvitz. This event is the second in a two-part series focusing on the impact and implications of artificial intelligence for our society. Lot number: X8349.2018 Catalog number: 102738568