Make Software: Change the World!

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Fly through World of Warcraft’s fantastic world of Azeroth, learn Photoshop from the pros, try your hand at coding, and speed-text your way to victory in Make Software: Change the World!

Make Software explores the history, impact, and technology behind seven game-changing applications: MP3, Photoshop, MRI, Car Crash Simulation, Wikipedia, Texting, and World of Warcraft. The Stata Family Foundation Software Lab is at the center of the exhibition, where visitors are introduced to basic programming concepts and encouraged to try coding hands-on.

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Make Software: Change the World!

Is made possible through the generosity of our donors

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Mark and Debra Leslie

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  • Willian K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation
  • Donna Dubinsky and Leonard Shustek
  • Elaine and Eric Hahn
  • Gardner C. Hendrie and Karen Johansen
  • House Family Foundation
  • Franklin "Pitch" and Catherine H. Johnson
  • Pam and Dick Kramlich
  • Raymond P. Stata


  • Yogen and Peggy Dalal
  • Nan and Chuck Geschke
  • Derry and Charlene Kabcenell
  • John and Sheree Shoch


  • Bell Family Foundation
  • Bob and Ruth Anne Foley
  • Dotty and Terry Hayes
  • Debby Meredith and Curtis Cole
  • Donald R. Proctor
  • Dave Rossetti and Jan Avent
  • Jon Rubinstein and Karen Richardson
  • Grant and Dorrit Saviers
  • L. Curtis Widdoes, Jr.


  • Ralph and Leah Bernstein
  • Judy and Michael Bruner
  • Peggy Burke and Dennis Boyle
  • Jacqueline Lincoln-Owyang
  • John R. Mashey
  • Alexander Polsky