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The Computer History Museum’s Exponential Center is destined to become one of the most popular sources for Information Age education and inspiration for entrepreneurs. Steve Smith,
Former CEO, Computer History Museum

The Exponential Center offers education experiences and unique curricula to serve a wide variety of audiences on topics such as innovation, entrepreneurship, and the Silicon Valley ecosystem model.

From an international business model competition for university students to executive workshops, our educational programs guide learners through explorations of the DNA of Silicon Valley, comparative analysis of Apple and Intel, and in-depth explorations of entrepreneurship and innovation in Silicon Valley and around the world.

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Community and Educational Outreach Partner

The Computer History Museum has teamed up with award-winning Kikim Media for a three-part documentary called Silicon Valley: The Untold Story. Aired on Discovery’s Science Channel in March 2018, the film provides television’s first comprehensive look at the history of the region and includes interviews with such key Valley figures as Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak, WhatsApp cofounder Jan Koum, and former Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt.

As the community and educational outreach partner for the film, the Exponential Center developed lesson plans for grades 7-12 with accompanying video clips. Meeting a variety of national common core standards, they explore the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship through design thinking, research, and collaborative activities, as well as investigations into the technology that students see and use every day. Discussion guides or college and adult learners provide provocative guidelines for in-depth exploration of the innovation ecosystem in Silicon Valley: what works and why.

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7th–12th grade Lesson Plans

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Silicon Valley: The Untold Story

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Our partnership with the Computer History Museum's Exponential Center paid so many dividends and allowed us to accomplish our goals to educate and inspire our student entrepreneur participants. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.Jeff Brown, Director, International Business Model Competition

Exponential Center Educational Offerings at CHM

Silicon Valley Icons

Silicon Valley Icons

Private tour of Silicon Valley’s legendary products, entrepreneurs, and companies in the 25,000-square-foot exhibition Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing. Highlights include Apple I (1976), the computer that launched Apple Computer, autographed by cofounder Steve Wozniak, and Google Server Engine (1999), one of the server racks that helped launch the internet giant.
Executive Briefing for Consuls General

DNA of Silicon Valley

Keynote lecture about the evolution and drivers of Silicon Valley’s ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship. Learn about what makes Silicon Valley tick, with lessons from five waves of disruptive change, from Hewlett-Packard to Facebook to current startups in AI, bioinformatics, and autonomous vehicles.
From Founding to Pivot and Beyond

Apple and Intel: From Founding to Pivot and Beyond

Interactive workshop for participants to deepen their understanding on the founding and reinvention of iconic Silicon Valley companies Apple and Intel. Led by an Exponential Center expert, small teams will explore a portfolio of artifacts and videos from our unique collection that offer an insider view on how the ecosystem of Silicon Valley works. Through the lens of two companies, participants will gain insights on topics such as business plans and funding sources to market strategies and strategic pivots.
Silicon Valley 360: NetApp

Silicon Valley 360: NetApp

Interactive workshop for in-depth "360 degree" exploration of a global Fortune 500 company recognized for thirteen consecutive years as a Best Company to Work For. With insights from a founder, venture investor, key customer partner and others, NetApp’s history offers a valuable perspective on the growth and evolution of a technology company within the Silicon Valley ecosystem. From a scrappy startup in pursuit of funding to a successful IPO with subsequent hyper-growth, NetApp is a case study for sustaining a company culture that drives performance and innovation–both in technology and business–within the constantly changing environment of Silicon Valley.

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