Fellow Awards

The Computer History Museum Fellow Awards honor exceptional men and women whose ideas have changed the world. Their tool has been the computer, their accomplishments as wide-ranging as computing itself: networking, hardware, software, storage, programming languages–technologies that affect nearly every human alive today.

Each year, a “who’s who” of the technology world assembles at the Museum for a banquet and ceremony honoring these innovators.

The Awards are part of the Museum´s vision to explore the computing revolution and its impact on the human experience. The tradition began in 1987 with the first Fellow, early programming pioneer Grace Murray Hopper, and has grown to a distinguished group of 60 members.

Fellow nominations are open to the public and reflect a diverse range of viewpoints and areas of computing. Final selection is made by a panel of historians, researchers, industry leaders, Museum staff and other CHM Fellows.

We invite you to participate!