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The Computer History Museum, its partners and dedicated volunteers undertake a variety of special projects related to the preservation and documentation of the computer revolution and its impact on society. Below are some of the groups and projects working to preserve computer history.

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Computer Restorations

Computer Restorations

The Museum has an active computer restoration program, created to better understand historic hardware and software environments for research and collecting purposes as well as to provide visitors with a unique opportunity to experience a historic machine in its original operating condition.
NextGen Advisory Board

NextGen Advisory Board

The Computer History Museum's NextGen Advisory Board was created to bring technology enthusiasts together over our rich history in Silicon Valley. Join the NextGen Advisory Board at the Computer History Museum to meet other young professionals who love technology.
Semiconductor Special Interest Group

Semiconductor Special Interest Group (Semi SIG)

The Semiconductor Special Interest Group (Semi SIG) comprises academic, industry, and professional volunteers who augment the work of the Computer History Museum staff in identifying, collecting, documenting, and exhibiting the impact of semiconductor technology on the history of computing.
Software Industries Special Interest Group

Software Industry Special Interest Group (SI SIG)

The Software Industry Special Interest Group (SI SIG) is dedicated to preserving for future generations information about the companies, people, products, and events that shaped the computer software and services industry.
Software Preservation Group

Software Preservation Group (SPG)

The Software Preservation Group (SPG) was formed to preserve, collect and explore the history of software in support of the Museum's mission.
Storage Special Interest Group (Storage SIG)

Storage Special Interest Group (Storage SIG)

The Storage SIG, made up of museum volunteers who were experienced participants in disk drive, tape drive and storage system industries, is active in the preservation of data storage history.