Storage Special Interest Group (Storage SIG)

IBM inventor Rey Johnson with world’s first disk drive, the RAMAC 305, delivered in 1956

Since November, 2003, the Museum has been actively collecting materials related to the global storage industry. The Storage Special Interest Group (Storage SIG) Steering Committee leads this effort and is composed of volunteers who bring decades of industry experience and knowledge to the group's work. SIG members come from disk, tape and storage system company backgrounds, as well as from leading independent industry consultancies. Group members have conducted many oral histories of industry pioneers and written detailed histories of major events in the storage world. The Storage SIG works closely with the Museum's curatorial staff to advise on the Museum's strategic direction as it applies to computer storage.

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Storage Pioneers Oral History Transcripts

Storage SIG Oral History Transcripts

This archive contains transcripts of oral history interviews and panel discussions undertaken by the Computer History Museum with key pioneers and contributors to the global storage industry.

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