KTEH and Computer History Museum Kick Off Internet Scavenger Hunt

Celebrating the 40th Birthday of the \"net\" with Virtual Time Capsule and Global Search for Most Internet-related Stories and Artifacts

November 04, 2009 — Mountain View, CA


KTEH and the Computer History Museum (CHM) 


A Virtual Time Capsule and Internet Scavenger Hunt for the general public in celebration of the Net’s 40th birthday.                           

Virtual Time Capsule

  • People are invited to share their personal stories and anecdotes about how the Internet made a difference in their lives.
  • Stories can be submitted via the form at http://www.kteh.org/net40.                          

Scavenger Hunt for Internet Collectibles

  • Members of the public are invited to submit their best original photos of any rare or unusual Internet-related memorabilia.
  • The photos will be displayed on the KTEH website.
  • Each week, the Founding Curator of the CHM’s Internet History Program, Marc Weber, will rate the artifacts and award blue ribbons to the most valuable finds.
  • People with the most significant items may be invited to donate them to the Museum, where they will become part of the permanent collection. A few of those artifacts may be placed on display and identified as gifts from the donors.At 10:30 p.m. on October 29, 1969, the system that evolved into the Internet “said its first words,” according to computer scientist Leonard Kleinrock. That day, data was sent between the first two mainframes on the Internet's predecessor, the ARPANET, charting a path that would change our lives forever.


Present – 12 a.m. PT on December 11, 2009  



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