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What Became of Mainframes?

What Became of Mainframes?

“Mainframes will soon be extinct”, …

The First Mainframes

The First Mainframes

Big businesses with big needs required big …

Mainframes in Daily Life


Computers were great for a bank’s accounting. But how about …

The Virtues of Sharing

The Virtues of Sharing

Big companies could afford big mainframes. But…

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Mainframe Computers

The Backbone of Big Business With technology, what you can do influences what you want to do—which gradually expands what you can do. Businesses in the 1950s increasingly recognized computers’ broad potential. They demanded flexible,…


Less is More: Smaller, Simpler, Cheaper This new kind of computer, smaller and simpler than mainframes, was designed to interact directly with users and the outside world. A flexible, inexpensive tool, it brought computers within the reach…