Al  Kossow

Al Kossow

Software Curator

As Robert N. Miner Software Curator of the Computer History Museum, Al Kossow is the focal point for activities and resources related to the Museum's software collection. He is responsible for the development of the near-term and long term growth and preservation of the collection, working with the Museum's Software Collection Committee to ensure proactive collecting of specific software and related materials. In addition, he coordinates and develops tools for outside groups to contribute, preserve and document historic software for the CHM collection.

Kossow has spent more than thirty years in the computer industry, most recently as Senior Software Engineer at Apple Computer (from 1986 to 2005). He has worked on research and product development projects in the fields of interactive computer graphics, operating systems, real-time control, and as a software liaison to CPU vendors. He also created, which is one of the largest on-line archives of historic computer hardware and software documentation in the world.