Eileen  Fagan

Eileen Fagan

VP, Innovation and Transformational Change Programs Intuit

Eileen leads companywide programs at Intuit designed to increase innovation capability and strategic advantage. Her focus is on helping the company adapt to continuing technology, economic, social and market changes as well as creating a culture of innovation.

Her team leads Intuit’s core innovation capabilities that are designed to build a culture of customer obsession and ensure the company is delivering benefit to its customers through delightful e2e experiences.

Before Intuit, she co-founded Fagan Associates, a training and consulting company that drove change designed to increase productivity and speed of product delivery through improving software quality and development processes. Over 14 years, they served over 100 Fortune 500 companies globally.

Eileen started her career as a programmer building mission control software for a satellite tracking system as part of the Federal Systems Division in IBM. She later brought her technical experience to the IBM Marketing team as a Systems Engineer in the telecom arena.

She earned both a Computer Science degree and MBA from the University of Maryland.