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From magnetic tape and rare film to lab notebooks and business plans to early mainframes and source code, our collection is as diverse as the history of computing. It is a rich resource for everyone, comprising historical objects, documents, software titles, ephemera, and photographs and moving images.

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TRS-80 manuals
Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc.; AlphaBit Communications, Inc.; Logical Systems, Inc.; Tandy Corporation; TAB Books, Inc.; Marton Inc.
Document, 1976; 1980-1987

TRS-80 manuals and other microcomputer manuals
Hayden Book Company, Inc.; VisiCorp; John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; Radio Shack; Tandy Corporation; Microsoft; Astro-Star Enterprises; The Waite Group, Inc.
Document, 1979-1985

TRS-80 manuals
Sybex; Tandy Corporation; Wm. C. Brown Publishers; VisiCorp; Logical Systems, Inc.
Document, 1980-1984

TRS-80 manuals and other microcomputer manuals
Radio Shack; Howard M. Berlin, Ltd.; Tab Books Inc.; Design Enterprises of San Francisco; Tandy Corporation; Macmillan Publishing Company; Software Publishing Corp.; Management Information Source, Inc.
Document, 1979-1986

Catalogs, periodicals, and promotional materials
Industrial Computer Source; T & L Publications; CompuServe; Omega Press; Tandy Corporation; Personal Computing Tools, Inc.; VNU Business Publications
Document, 1977-1991

TRS-80 manuals and other microcomputer manuals
TAB Books, Inc.; ICR FutureSoft; Anitek Software Products; Prentice Hall, Inc.; Brady Communications Company, Inc.; Datamost, Inc.; Joe Lynn Computer Services; MICRODEX; Lindberg Systems, Inc.; Dymax; BYTE Publications, Inc.; Gibberman Enterprises
Document, 1980-1987

TRS-80 manuals
Tandy Corporation; Radio Shack; Houghton Mifflin Company; Osborne/McGraw-Hill; Softside Publications; Howard M. Berlin, Ltd.; Soroc Technology, Inc.; Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc; Prentice-Hall, Inc.; Wm. C. Brown Company Publishers; SuperSoft Inc.; Oasis Systems
Document, 1973; 1978-1984