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From magnetic tape and rare film to lab notebooks and business plans to early mainframes and source code, our collection is as diverse as the history of computing. It is a rich resource for everyone, comprising historical objects, documents, software titles, ephemera, and photographs and moving images.

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IP/TCP - The IP/TCP primer
The Wollongong Group (TWG)
Document, 1984-10

Loading you into a brilliant new age of communications - Telenet - A US Sptint company
Telenet Communications Corporation
Document, 1986

Software products
Telenet; DigiBoard, Inc.; DESCOview; Dayana Communications, Inc.; AT&T; Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.; ComputerWorld; CE Software, Inc.; Bellcore; Security Dynamics Technologies, Inc.; IXI Limited; Anvil Designs, Inc.; Nixdorf Computer Engineering Corporation; Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.; Visix Software, Inc.
Document, 1990 ca

Hardware products
Ciprico, Inc.; Digital Optical Technologies (DOT); Emulex Corporation; EXABYTE Corporation; Fujitsu America, Inc.; Cayman Systems, Inc.; Hard Drives International; Human Designed Systems (HDS); Hitachi; Lacie Limited; Micronics Computers, Inc.; MIPS Computer Systems, Inc.; National Semiconductor; NEC Information Systems, Inc.; Interphase Corporation; Seagate Technology; Clearpoint Research Corporation; Sumo Systems; Vector Technologies; Xebec; Xylogics, Inc.
Document, 1990 ca