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Gazelle GA22V10 Solves Bottlenecks

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Other number P4090 Verso


overall: 8 in x 10 in


B&W image of a GA22V10 chart " GA22V10 Solves Cache Control Bottlenecks.
Label: Bottom Margin "The highlighted area is commonly a bottleneck which prevents high-performance microprocessors and RISC processors from achieving their maaximum performance. CACHE control logic is required to operate at twice the maximum frequency of the processor. With the introduction of 25MHz 80386s, 33MHz 68030s and RISC processors, CACHE control logic is now required to operate at a minimum frequency of 50MHz and more commonly at 70MHz. Gazelle's GA22V10, with a maximum frequendcy of 90MHz and a propagation delay (tpd) of 10ns, is the only logic device capable of satisfying both the performance and functionality requirements of new high-performance processors."


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