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ACE Pilot Model 1950

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Still Image



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Other number 277
Other number CS 750


6 1/4 x 8 1/4 in.


Photographic print


B&W, Series of many rows of white dots on a black background. Fine white lines defining the rows. No discernable characters/numbers. Verso : printed paper sheet adhesively attached in center "CS 750 The display on the Pilot Model in 1950. This could be switched to any delay line (long or short). In the picture is a long delay line containing 32 instructions. The 5 digit fields of source, deviation and timing number can be seen. The 3 bit next instruction field on the left is mostly 2, signifying that this is a part of a program which resides in DL2. The wait number is 0 in all except three instructions, for which it is in turn 1, 31, 1. This illustrates that the latency was very small in well-written programs. each field had its most significant bit on the right in this display since the scan was left to right."; black printed ink (dot matrix) label adhesively attached lower right "CS750, CROWN COPYRIGHT, CENTRAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SECTION, NATIONAL PHYSICAL LABORATORY, TEDDINGTON MIDDX."; black pencil "277" on upper left edge. .


Identification photograph; Publicity photograph


Electronic data processing--History; Computer industry--History; Computers--History

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