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IBM Applications - IBM System/30 Model 125 Computer Application at Grumman

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International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

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Other number #1265 Verso


8 x 10 in.


Photographic print


Black and white. There is a large airplane in the photograph, its nose almost pointed at the camera so that the tail is visible in the background of the photograph. In the foreground is a pair of hands holding printouts that are probably from the IBM computer. There are also several technicians and mechanics working on the aircraft. On the back reads "Savannah, GA., February 18... A computer-prepared monthly maintenance schedule and page-size cards are key components in Gruman American's computerized maintenance program for Gulfstream II twin-jet aircraft. Each participating Gulfstream operator removes cards from a 400-page "book" whenever the aircraft's components are serviced. maintence information entered on the cards is fed into Gruman's IBM System/370 Model 125 which produces an updated, cumulative maintenance record. The Model 125 also produces a custom-designed maintenance program for each invidual aircraft, based on an estimate of the aircraft's anticipated usage, the basic components of the aircraft, and the inspection and maintenance required for indvidual components."


Identification photograph; Publicity photograph


Computer industry--History; Electronic data processing--History; Computers--History

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